Marshall super lead power transformer

Matches 2, 4, 8 and 16 Ohms up and down. Amplifier models offered during the 1965-1968 Plexi Era included the Lead, Bass, Organ, PA (JTM 45 and 50), the Super 100 Amplifier, Superlead, Superbass, Super PA (100 watt), the Marshall Major (200 watt). The data on this page reflects the approximate year that these amplifiers were made and not the actual dates of manufacture of the amplifier. Four of these amplifiers were built and delivered to Pete Townshend, and the Marshall Super Lead Model 1959, the original Plexi, was born in 1965. The valve and transformer covers were also brass plated. Don’t be fooled by the model number “1959,” which does not refer to the year of manufacture. Output Transformer replacement for Marshall 50 W JMP and JCM800 electric guitar amplifier from Manor Music Store. Very new look and hardwired to 120v. Just insert them between the power transformer and rectifier tube. Pete’ guitar is 1965 Rickenbacker Rose, Morris, Co. Variac for a 1968 Marshall Plexi Didn't sound so good that way and the power transformer still got pretty hot after a long gig. 00. Here you see the underside of the Output Transformer (the OT). They’re integral to the nuances of your guitar amp’s sound. Customers have been delighted with the sound of this transformer and amazed at how authentic it is to the original one. A. the power transformer failed. Now, the Handwired 1959HW is a line right back to that celebrated era. Check out the reviews on google. Marshall® DSL100 Parts : Marshall® Capacitors: Marshall® Corners and Handles: Marshall® Fan s: Marshall® Footswitch Boxes: Marshall® Fuse Holders: Marshall® Hardware: Marshall® Jacks: Marshall® Jack Plate: Marshall® Lights: Marshall® Knobs: Marshall® Pots: Marshall® Potentiometer Kits: Marshall® Power Cords: Marshall® Reverb A damaged amplifier is an obvious reason for changing parts out. Here’s what he said about it in the thread – edited for readability and brevity. Guitar Noise Forums. How can I tell the date from the serial number 019341 ? Any info regarding this amp or any known mods or tube subs that will improve it in some way without being destructive would be greatly appreciated. 1kg Custom made by DAGNALL for TAD with highgrade M6 lamination Yes: On Van Halen’s debut album, a 100% stock 1968 Marshall Super Lead #1959 was used. One changed knob but the good news is it's an early April 1970! Original utput transformer is most likely late 1969 but the power transformer, although a correct Marshall replacement, is from late 70's or early 80's. A damaged amplifier is an obvious reason for changing parts out. , LTD, 1993. Marshall Transformer Question This is the classic Marshall 100 Marshall Amp Forum. I'm not sure if just the wiring was replaced or the Power transformer itself. The amp itself was a 100 watt, all valve, triple channel beast. 1968 JTM100 Super PA, 100W head. 50 watt power transformer. It gets really hot regardless of where I run the bias setting. The conclusion in general is to buy a new motherboard from Marshall. Plexi super lead that I played Grab power tubes by their plastic base, not by the glass. Output Transformer for 4x EL34 to 4, 8, 16 Ohms, suitable for all 100W models from 1966 on. This amp is fully working 100% with no issue and absolutely rocks. This is a stand up style power transformer designed for 100W type circuits from 1970 to 1989 such as the JCM800 and 1987 type amps upright version as used for JCM800 series Mod. A Super Lead 100 sat atop two 4 x 12 Celestion-loaded cabs is still for many players the definitive rock guitar rig. Marshall Amplification 1974X Owner's Manual . if manufacturers skimp on the power transformer (which equates to less iron, less The Tube amp Library of information Click the link above for Tube amp info, Schematics, Board building information, Projects, Mods, Transformer diagrams, Photo's, Sound clips. Eric was seen using a Marshall JTM45/100 (or Marshall Super 100 – depending on how you prefer to call it) during the Cream era. At the request of Pete Townshend, Marshall MARSHALL DATE CODES Early Marshall through the JCM800 series. I replaced all the power supply caps with JJ's and the bias and snubber caps. PRIMARY: 100V, 120V, 220V, 230V and 240V AC, 50 or 60Hz operation . Marshall likes to use a 500ma fast blow fuse in each of the high voltage secondary wires (not shown above) in their 50 watt amps, and 1 amp fuses in their 100 watt models. They’re both played in the same Marshall 1973 Super Lead (71 specs). Mojotone reproduction chassis. The tone controls are of standard Marshall “Tone Stack” design. Premium guitar amplifier power transformers, output transformers and chokes. This is one big chunk of iron. I was told then it was built in the mid 70's. To the minds and ears of many, the all-valve 100 Watt Super Lead heads of the mid to late 1960s (˜67-'69) with the famed Plexiglas front panel, have been the holy grail of great rock tone. delivered to Pete Townshend, and the Marshall Super Lead Model . It looks something like a transformer, with two leads coming out of the housing. US voltages Power Transformer for Tweed Bandmaster, Tweed Bassman, Weber 6M45, Reverb, Super, Super Reverb, Pro, Pro Reverb, Bandmaster, Bassman, and Concert. There's a lot of iron in a power transformer, so these tend to be the most expensive part in an amp and thus can potentially be the weakest link in the signal chain that contributes to quality and tone…. I recently aquired this '74 Super Lead and the PT and Output transformers looked to be about the same age. Marshall 18 Watt Output Transformer USA made, vintage era type constructed, paper layer wound 18W output transformer! These have the best available, grain oriented M-6 steel lamination for cool running and high performance! I highly recommend you at least install the B+ fuse to protect the power transformer. M9005P Mains transf. Beware of these substitutes! These may be substandard products that are not true replacements, use inferior construction methods and materials and lack the great features and pricing of our ClassicTone transformers. Far more than tubes, speakers or other amp components, the transformers establish   We acquired a 1973 Super lead—the last year before. Transformers for Fender and Marshall Tube Amps Fender Super Reverb, Marshall Style 18W Power Transformer ClassicTone 40-18035 I do know the Dagnalls performed poorly against the Drakes of Old in my JCM 800 reissue 100 wtt head and I for one am changing out BOTH the Output anfd Power Transformer in this amp to Mercury Magnetics AXIOM and a choke! After playing through JCM 800s for so long you simply feel the amps bottom end through your ribcage and the Dagnalls arent It is the same circuit and the same functionality as the JMP Superlead, in a wider frame and in a headshell of JCM800. POWER SOLD! This 1971 Marshall 100w Super Bass monster from my G-base collection is 100% original. For this comparison, I am using the layout for a super lead (not a 2203) because the layout for that specific kit is a PDF file and I don't know how to edit it. The older classic guitar amps, such as the Marshall 1987/1959 (Super)Lead type amps, are limited by the fact that they only distort/crunch at huricane sound levels; not always a viable option for small gigs or rehearsals. Marshall switched to printed circuit boards—for the modest sum of $1,000, made possible by a recent   100 watt replacement power transformer for Marshall. Split being the Super Lead and shared being the Super Bass. 00: Discontinued Marshall 1959 Dual Super Lead Plexi (Reverb: A History Of Marshall Amps) How well do you know your Marshall history? Marshall 1959SLP Vintage Series 100W Tube Head The Marshall 1959SLP Plexi at GAK. Mine dates from 1983. mid bark with perhaps a bit more grit than a Marshall. now that is the hottest signal that have ever ran into my amp and Crank it up to 10 and let this amp sing. Marshall Diagrams, Schematics and Service Manuals - download for free! Including: 5x02 new , 18w new , 18wr new , 30thanniv new , 87x 60 02 1 new , 87x 60 02 2 new , 100w 67 new , 200w new , 1917 new , 1930 new , 1959 01 60 02 new , 1959mk2u new , 1959prem new , 1959pwrm new , 1959sprm new , 1959spwm new , 1959t 66 new , 1959tu new , 1959u new , 1962ri89 new , 1962ri93 new , 1963 70 new , 1963 Ken Bran and Dudley Craven, Marshall's developers, doubled the number of output valves, added a larger power transformer and an extra output transformer. Shop with confidence. uk. In addition, discharge the power supply filter capacitors to rid them of any deadly electric charge. Good replacement for JMP and JCM 800s. The reason I am writing about it and you are reading about it is that it is a goldmine of detail! JTM 100 and JMP 100 – In 1965 the JTM45/100 prototype and production amplifiers were equipped with two JTM 45 Drake output transformers (four KT66 tubes) and an upright RS Spares power transformer. This baby can really move some air! Crank up the normal channel and it really gives up the goods! Lots of crunchy to high gain AC/DC tones These Power and Output transformers (PT / OT) are drop in replacements/upgrades for the Marshall DSL or any JCM2000 series 50w or 100w head, including the TSL. Connect your favourite 4x12 inch 16 Ohms Marshall cabinet to a Fender 59 Bassman with its 2 Ohms. Same size and style as the Super Lead ® and Super Bass ® Please note: The mounting and rear hole pattern is not the same as the Marshall® chassis. uk See more And to make the 1959HW as authentic as possible, Marshall used original thickness, original pitch matrix, point-to-point tag boards. For EL34! Mounting centers are 3. Add to Cart. Original Marshall roar. 25 x 3. Tone Tips And Tricks For The Marshall Super Lead David Szabados. The DSL provides the legendary Marshall tone, allowing you to express your distinct playing style and attitude. Pete appears to be both playing through a (likely two) Marshall JTM45 100 Tremolo (prototype 1959T JTM100 Super Lead; John is using 1959 JTM100 Super Lead) 100-watt amplifier driving a Marshall 8×12 cabinet adorned with the Union Jack. LO HI 470K 15K 25KL Bias A. Amplifier Transformers: Magnetic Components, Inc. Transformer sets are often misunderstood, yet vital musical components. 1987/T Lead 50w 1989 Organ 50w JTM-100 Series 1959 Super Lead 100w 1959T Lead-Trem 100w 1968 Super PA 100w 1992 Super Bass 100w 1992T Super Bass/Tremolo 100w Major Series "The Pig" 200w 200w 1966 PA 200w 1967 Lead 200w 1978 Bass 200w 18-Watt Series 1958 18w 1973 Lead & Bass 18w 1974 Lead & Bass Schem 18w 1974 Lead & Bass Layout 18w 20-Watt I have a 1993 Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue and I love the tone but want just a little more clean headroom – maybe 50-60 watts instead of the 40 watts that the amp is rated at. Marshall Tube amp schematics. 18 watt combo. co. (Marshall 1969 PA 4×12 cab visible at far left 18 Watt OUTPUT TRANSFORMER Designed and built by Dagnall/TRX. All three channels were independent, each with their own controls for EQ and volume and individual gain controls for Crunch and Lead channels. 3210 M3210P. Best guitar amplifier power transformers, output transformers and chokes. In Germany for example the Marshall distributor wants 200 Euros for that. models from the late 1960s era. 17. Suitable for building replicas of 100 watt Marshall from the '69 to '71 era with a laydown power transformer. The Super 100 head was the immediate successor to Marshall's first ever 100W head”the famous dual output transformer JTM45/100. The original version of this iconic tall, pinstriped stack was built in 1966. This is an output transformer for 18watt amps derived from the Marshall 1974 18W amp with 8 and 16 Ohm secondary outputs. 100W Power Transformer. With a thing called variac, he was able to kind of “attenuate” the amp and obtain more gain. Good Simple vs. cheers. Secondaries: 6. . positive lead to the Pin 1 side. Rated 22A @ 125VAC, 16A @ 250VAC. July of 1969 Marshall introduced the date coding system. And at a very reasonable cost compared to the prior Amps Used In: 100W Plexis with laydown style power transformer mountings for the "Super Lead" 1959, "Super Bass" 1992, etc. ) Anyway, I'm thinking there must be something wrong. . lead 100 2098 it takes a 786 394 transformer. Amps Used In: 100W Plexis with laydown style power transformer mountings for the "Super Lead" 1959, "Super Bass" 1992, etc. Both the stack and the windings will determine the performance of an output transformer. blown fuse problem with a Marhsall Super Lead had cranked to 7 then into a Marshall Power Break. Marshall 100W JTM45/100 Style Transformers. 7, Marshall_1959 JCM800 Super Lead Power Amp 100watt year 1988. MARSHALL 18 WATT Output Transformer - $80. 86. k. Learn more about Audio Amplifier Power Transformer Replacement Parts with Mouser. Made in Europe  26 Jun 2015 So, if you've ever wondered what the differences between transformers and power supplies; you're in luck! Our super handy tech support  Siemens offers transformers for all outputs and voltages, every type of cooling We have decided that in future our leading electrical and mechanical design  Core business that leads the global heavy electric machinery market Hyosung Heavy Industries supplies a wide range of transformers up to 765kV, and  Results 1 - 41 of 41 Premium guitar amplifier power transformers, output transformers and . Some of these may even surprise you. Those looking for the true Marshall sound only need use an original, unmodified Super This is an exact hand wound reproduction of the original 784-139 50W output transformer used in Marshall amps from the late 60's through late 70's. RoHS Compliant The power tubes in most Marshall tube amps were EL34s. Good replacement for JMP and JCM800s for EL34! Built to vintage specs with exact interleave ratios and materials. Was modified with a Master Volume The new Super 100JH—Marshall’s latest hand-wired model—is based on an original Super 100 reportedly owned by Hendrix. Hot licks but with a very surprising clean tone with gain turned down. 4 In Stock. Now look at the two transformers. SAVE WITH MULTIPACK! THIS SET CONTAINS BOTH THE POWER AND THE STANDBY ROCKER SWITCHES, USED IN Marshall® JCM SERIES & OTHERS Lighted power switch has 4 electrical terminals on back of switch. The following Marshall Super Lead tone tips and tricks will enable you to get much more versatility out of this legendary amplifier. As simple (and complicated) without a marshall master volume can be: the holy grail of the saturation natural EL34 is at hand but good guitar, good booster Page 1 DSL5CR OWNER’S MANUAL; Page 2 INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of this Dual Super Lead (DSL) amplifier from Marshall Amplification. I bought a Marshall Master Model 50 MK2 Lead JMP 2 / 12 combo back in the early 80's. One thing to note – NONE of these involve modification to the original Marshall circuit. a flat mounted)! It is not perfectly clear why Marshall changed the power supply significantly on the 100W amps (but not the 50W amps). (The output transformer and choke are not getting very hot at all. I just picked up a messily modded 1976 Super Lead (early '76 with the non-lighted switches). Does anyone have the color codes for a 73' 100w super lead power transformer? jacmeen, Jul 9, 2018 #1. Vintage marshall Super PA head, very early model, looks like a plexi head (super lead, super bass, 87) difference is that it has 8 inputs rather than 4. 0 out of 5 stars 4. This amp was developed by Jim Marshall upon a request from Pete Townshend of The Who, who wanted a more powerful version of the 50W Marshall amp that he was using at the time (circa 1965). Mainstransformer for Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet, Mod. In regards to tone and how an output transformer affects it, it’s my opinion that an output transformer does not change an amp’s character. The following tips and tricks will enable you to get much more versatility out of the Super Lead. This amp had 4 channels and 8 inputs. 1959, 1992, 2203, 2210, 4103, 4211 since 1971 till 1989 100W power transformer of the JMP Marshalls like Super Bass, Super Lead Mk II and Master Model 100W Lead Mk 2. Using data compiled for The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2011, we continue the celebration with a list of the 25 most valuable amplifiers – those that helped create the tones made famous by virtually every genre Note: The power transformer included in this kit does have a 5V winding if you would like to use a tube rectifier. I would suggest referring to the spec sheets and wiring diagram included on this page to see if our power transformer will work based on the information provided. For sale is a killer 1969 Marshall Super Lead 100 Amplifier. Four tubes in a Super Lead or Bass means an extra gain tube was added or possibly it’s a tube for a tube-driven effects loop. This amp is in very good player condition the circuit is orig w/ fresh filter caps, new power IEC input jack. Built to vintage specs with exact interleave ratios and materials. Modeled after the well-known Marshall Super Lead 100 and the Marshall Super Bass 100, this amp offers as much gain as it does tone. JMP 100W models, JCM800 (2203, 2210, 1959) and 6100 Heads Modelled after an original Transformer from a `68 Super Lead replaces C2668 and C1998 also Suits Marshall 1959HW (Handwired Series) 4. The overdrive is rich, crunchy, and filled with subtle harmonic undertones. The Super 100 head was the immediate successor to Marshall's first ever 100W head—the famous dual output transformer JTM45/100. This might be easy and affordable in the UK, but not in other countries in the world. Bridge the channels like you would an original and get the clarity and gain of the first channel, and beef it up with the warmth of the second channel. Power transformers, output transformers, capacitors, and other parts, make up the design. Vintage Guitar is marking 25 years of publication with a year full of features. gif - 72 Kb 35, Marshall_9200_2x100w. pdf - 554 Kb. The winding geometry as well as core material have been matched to the original. There are several posts on the Marshall-forum about this problem. 1959T JTM100 Tremolo Super Lead, 100W head. Dagnall T2562 Power Transformer Reproduction. The Tremolo version was an idea of Pete Townsend but it wasn't very popular and not many were produced. Folks, the size of your transformer matters! A transformer has two basic components, the stack, which is the steel part you see, and the windings, which are the thousands of turns of copper wire tucked around the stack. With the transformers being an integral part of the ˜Plexi' sound, they also worked closely with Dagnall to duplicate the later-era ˜Plexi' power transformer. PDF SPECIFICATION. 15/16" x 1 1/16" x 1" deep. FOR : 100W Super Lead & Super Bass JMP Plexi Style Transformers? Power transformer for Marshall JTM45 Reissue (2245) and. View All Mercury Magnetics · Fender · Marshall · Vox . €48. Same size and style as the Super Lead® and Super Bass® uses metric hardware). Your quest for truly inspirational and superior tone has led you to the final link in the chain – Mercury Magnetics. The transformer needs replacing it's not a big job. If one takes a Marshall 100 watt Super Lead, and pulls two of the tubes, and properly sets the impedance selector, turning the amp into a 50 watt amp, what actually happens? Well, we have a 100 watt power supply, that is now even less taxed than before. a flat mounted)! The Trinity 18 TMB is a dual channel amp with Channel 1 – Tone and Volume, 2 inputs and Channel 2 – Treble, Midrange, Bass, Volume and Gain, 2 inputs. But when I pulled the chassis the PT wiring looked like nothing I've seen in my Marshalls. As you push down on the spring tube retainer with one hand, wiggle the tube from its socket with the other. Another reason is for aesthetics in tone. The one on the far right that may be laying down or standing up is the Power Transformer. is this the proper transformer replacement?1 answers. Marshall Choke Drake T-100 (JPG) 100 watt replacement power transformer for Marshall. It's sunburst. Marshall Super Lead 100 OPT 6550 (JPG) Download. 3ct) toroidal power transformer for tube amp. Amp schematic with 4x ECC83 & 4x KT66 (Marshall). The simpler 50 watt power amp is shown below but the 100 watt power amp used in the Super Lead Plexi and 2103 and 2203 Master Volume amps simply had two additional power tubes in parallel with the two shown below. Dual super lead valve head (5 pages) the internal speaker is not hardwired to the transformer OUTPUT TRANSFORMER REPLACEMENT for Marshall 50 W JMP and JCM800 guitar amplifier - $139. After all, an amplifier’s tone is the sum of all of its parts—tubes, capacitors, wiring, speakers, etc. Toroidial power transformers for tube amplifiers. a Tusq saddle (model “PQ-9200-C0″) and Tusq nut The original version of this iconic tall, pinstriped stack was built in 1966. in_stock € 229, 00 (incl. 1/4" push-on terminals, or solder directly to terminals. They drive the output transformer, then the speakers. Power Transformers Marshall Replacement JCM 800/JMP-50 watt Elco Lighting ETR-277 277V to 120V 300VA Magnetic Transformer 5. Marshall 12,0000 series 100W. Plate voltage will change a little when adjusting the bias, so you may need to take another reading from Pin 3 and adjust your equation accordingly and repeat steps 3 & 4. versions within each series was not major. Most accurate spot-on version available anywhere. The primary coil was open. I was wondering if it is possible to change the output transformer on this amp to give me an extra 10 watts or so. 3V AC , 100V AC bias winding The Tube amp Library of information Click the link above for Tube amp info, Schematics, Board building information, Projects, Mods, Transformer diagrams, Photo's, Sound clips. My power transformer is really getting hot after about a half hour of playing. Complex Amps. Like most 4 input Marshall style amps, you can bridge the the 2 channels for slightly more gain and control. 25 Please click on transformer for wiring diagram. also used in the auch I'm just wandering if the difference between these 2 pics is the difference between split and shared cathode. The electronic component difference between Lead, Bass and P. Laydown mounting as used in 67' through early 70's 100W JMP Marshall amplifiers. If you're repairing or building a 100 watt Plexi, now is the perfect opportinity to hear how the amp was originally designed to sound. An added Master Volume control will enable the preamp to be ovedriven without the power amp going full blast. 100Watt Power Transformer . The TMB channel incorporates a gain control and is a higher gain design similar to the Marshall 2203 of the late 70s. $82. Designed for stand-up power transformer. Correct transformers ensure punishing classic Marshall tube crunch with accentuated lows that make it easy to understand why Jimi preferred SB heads. "High Potential") applies a high DC voltage between each transformer lead and the case  You can also test a power transformer by measuring the resistance between leads. jacmeen Member. The Super Lead JTM100 was introduced in 1965. Great vintage era type constructed, paper layer wound power transformer for 100W Plexi type amplifiers requiring laydown style mountings (a. Features fully welded corners, IEC connector. Although the new power transformer (1203-80) has a smaller stack than its predecessor (1204-43), it still delivers sufficient power while reducing the total voltages slightly (something that is good for tube life). The petulant upper-mid roar and weighty lower-mids of the Marshall Super Lead through a Marshall 4x12 cabinet is a foundational timbre for rock rhythm guitar, as fail-safe and full of dynamics in the studio as it is on a stage. One of those artists is EVH, and in 1991 John worked on Ed’s beloved Marshall Super Lead plexi (which refers to the plexiglass control panel). This gets you very close to Eddie van Halen sound. C. specializes in amplifier transformers!More than 80% of our transformers manufactured is for this market and bring over 70 years transformer manufacturing expertise to our product. Comparison between a 100W 1973 Dagnall C2668 OT and a new 2018 Dagnall 100W OT. note that it's basically identical to the Marshall JCM 800 2204 "Super Lead When you think vintage rock tone, the first thing that comes to mind is the Marshall 100 watt all-valve Super Lead amp heads of the mid to late 1960s ('67-'69) that featured the famed Plexiglas front panel. In contrast to the diverse array of rich tones it generates, the Super 100JH is an extremely straightforward amplifier. Adjust the bias potentiometer until the bias voltage you calculated from from Step 3 is achieved. if manufacturers skimp on the power transformer (which equates to less iron, less If your Marshall has a full-bridge rectifier like all the Plexis-on, diodes arranged in a square or triangle with the AC from the power tranny, an earth and the B+ to the filter caps coming off it, (I'm sure it does) it needs half the filtering of a half-bridge rectifier. Fender, Super Reverb, Pro Reverb, Bandmaster Reverb, Tweed Bassman 290GX, Power Transformers Marshall Replacement, 120/220/240 VAC . Hendrix, Clapton, Beck, Page and Van Halen, to name just a few, have all created history with this amp, recording some of the most influential tracks ever. Magnetic Components Inc. These are top quality transformers, made in the USA by one of the of the most reputable transformer manufacturers out there. Marshall's 1959 'Plexi' is arguably the most famous amp of all time. 100w Output Transformer for JCM800 / 1987. Uses ¼”-20 inserted hardware (Original Marshall® chassis uses metric hardware). The new amp’s construction is consistent with that of the original, and Marshall obtained components from many of the original manufacturers to create a reasonably accurate replica. In the world of amps there are two types: simple amps with few a controls and complex amp with a litany of switches, knobs and bells and whistles. for Marshall GP 9005 Rack Power Amp 50+50W M9005P. Description: Great vintage era type constructed, paper layer wound power transformer for 100W Plexi type amplifiers requiring laydown style mountings (a. Daniel Forsberg and I are using a 2008 Gibson I am new to this forum so if I am not following protocol let me know and I will conform. Large amps had two or four power tubes in PUSH-PULL, which work like a see-saw: when one tube is decreasing in voltage, the other is increasing. In 1966, Marshall then switched to a single Drake (p/n 784-084) output transformer wound for a primary impedance of 4,000 ohm (four KT66 tubes Output matching Transformer allowing safe operation of different cobinations of amps and cabinets. Both the head and the combo housed 11 valves: seven ECC83s and four EL34s. Marshall DSL-100 Dual Super Lead Repair - New Power Tranny 1968 Marshall plexi 50 Watt Output Transformer Change How to find and install a replacement power transformer for your A Super Lead or Super Bass will have three preamp tubes and a Tremelo model will have a 4th tube. Originally developed in 1965 to satiate Pete Townshend’s lust for power and volume, the 100-watt heads quickly progressed through many evolutionary refinements. Not all distributors or resellers are alike! Many offer various other brands besides ClassicTone. To the minds and ears of many, these amps are considered to be the holy grail of great rock Is based on the Plexi Super Lead preamp design with selected ‘brown’ components. A healthy Hammond 270AX 240-0-240v power transformer measured: 14   8 Aug 2014 While the power transformer is directly responsible for areas like case was a stock 1974 Marshall JMP 50 watt model 1987 Lead model – it  Indel (230//250ct-6. This transformer is listed as being compatible with MOST JCM800's and JMP's. Free Next Day Delivery and 0% Finance at the UK's best Marshall Dealer | GAK. A new transformer will not change an amp’s DNA or make a Marshall sound like a Vox. Marshall 1959HW Super Lead 100 Monumentally huge, frightfully loud, and painfully expensive, the 100-watt Marshall stack has been the undisputed icon of rock for the last 40 years. 1959 JTM100 Super Lead, 100W head. If you see your amp here and some of the information is missing feel Over the years, the phrase "Marshall Plexi" became most affiliated with the Superlead (model number 1959), an updated 100-watt design introduced in late spring of 1967 that evolved through 1969. Price: 400 The Marshall TSL122 JCM2000 Repair/Mods Page. I have been put in a situation were I volunteered to recap a friends 1974 Marshall JMP Super Lead II. The TSL is not listed. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is well know for his use of a 1959 Les Paul and Marshall Super Lead #1959 amps (Did you notice that both have 1959 on their name? Marshall 1987 Lead, 2204 Master Volume Lead and JCM800 Lead Series 50 Watt Power Amp. A good upgrade for later issue Marshall amplifiers. Some of the older amps have an inspection sticker on the top of the chassis and they usually have the day, month and year the amp was made or inspected. Joined: Jun 21, 2018 Find great deals on eBay for marshall power transformer. Designed by George at Metro based on one of his originals. The first Super Lead heads used EL34 power tubes (in place of KT66s), dual solid state rectifiers, and a single 100-watt Drake transformer. NOTE: This version of the chassis is now only available with the gold zinc chromate finish! More Info: $100. I have a 1972 Marshall Super lead head that blew a Transformer quite a few years back it depressed me so that I have left it in it's road case ever since, now that I have got myself together would you recommend rewinding the original or buy a new tranny if so any recommendations? remembering us here at the (Y) end of the world in New Zealand use 230 volt. I could probably literally fry an egg on it. Drew pictures before replacing the caps and cleaned up the amp in general. marshall super lead power transformer

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